Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hey everyone from Miami! im here in the after-math of hurricane wilma ,which was a pain in the tushey.Anyway s the hurricane came on late sunday night early monday morning and the wind was howling and was threating ,thank G-D it came and went and everyone is ok !!.If I woulf have a digital camera i wouldve had some nice pics of 15 passenger van flipped over another car ,the roof of a gas station torn off!! and some more !!,anyways we haf a black out for the first two days off yom-tov and finally on simchas torah we got back electricity !anyways the yeshivah is located on south beach which i found out is a good thing b/c in north miami beach the "shvartzes " are goin mad and there dangerous ,up to the point that the rabbi there R.Marlow said that who ever can get hold of a gun should get one !! so anyways we are fine B"H and hopefully we should have no more of this and looking forward to the coming of moshiach !!!!!!!